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Vedic Havan in Hindi

This book by Swami Ramdev & Acharya Balkrishna Maharaj is a great way to learn and perform Havan Mantras at Home! It guides the reader through a Vedic Havan, Havan Mantras and their meanings are explained.
Havan Mantras include:

  • Sandhya
  • Indrayaswapashna mantra
  • Ishwar Prarthna
  • Pranayam Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Samarpana Mantra
  • Namaskar Mantra
  • Swasthivachanam
  • Shanti karnam
  • Agnihauti vidhi
  • Shanti paath
  • followed by a collection of Prathanas and Bhajans

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